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Scientists warn that new drugs will require earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

This article can be found at Major improvements must be made in techniques for identifying future Alzheimer’s disease patients if medicine is to take advantage of drugs that could inhibit or halt their mental decline. This warning was made last week by several senior scientists after the announcement by the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly…
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My Mother, Lost and Found

This article was written by STEVE KNOPPER and printed in the NY Times JULY 11, 2015. Below is the link and full copy. DENVER — CAN you make sure it has lots of stuff?” my mom regularly asked the server at her favorite Italian restaurant. Apparently, the minestrone soup was mostly broth with just…
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Faith describes the personalized attention people get with Angel Care

[embed][/embed] RN Faith Kozlowski describes the business model of Angel Care Nurse Registry; personalized care. Since we are family owned and operated we can offer the kind of attention to detail and quality of service people deserve. We follow up and follow through with a plan individually tailored to meet your needs. We screen, scrutinize…
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When the stress of being an unpaid caregiver is too much

Caring for a sick person is stressful. Studies indicate that often times caregivers become sick themselves. The primary responsibility for such care generally falls to the women in a family; the spouse or female children particularly. These same women may be juggling a job, the needs of their children or grandchildren as well as maintaining…
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