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  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

    Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

    We understand how difficult it is to care for someone with a progressive illness that causes memory loss like Alzheimer’s…

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  • Ambulation Assistance

    Ambulation Assistance

    We help patients in essential daily living activities move safely in their environment and home. Skilled caregivers can help with:…

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  • Dressing/Bathing


    Helping someone bathe, dress, shave, and perform other personal activities can be difficult. Knowing how to handle these delicate situations…

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  • Companionship, Recreation, Exercise

    Companionship, Recreation, Exercise

    Compassionate caregivers delight and enjoy in sharing experiences and helping your loved one to live an active, healthy, vibrant and…

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  • Errands


    Give your list of things to do to a caregiver. They'll get your prescriptions, take you to the doctor, go to the…

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  • Feeding/Toileting


    When a patient becomes unable to feed themselves or get themselves to the bathroom it is time to bring in some…

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  • Medication Reminders

    Medication Reminders

    Once the patient starts to become forgetful it is crucial to have a way of reminding them that it is…

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  • Homemaking and Housekeeping

    Homemaking and Housekeeping

    Caregivers can help you with homemaking, light housekeeping and household tasks, taking the load off the patient’s and their family…

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  • Live-In Care

    Live-In Care

    Angel Care Nurse Registry is South Florida’s most trusted personal and professional in-home senior care service. We pride ourselves on…

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  • Meal Preparation

    Meal Preparation

    Caregivers can assist your loved one with meal preparation, reading food labels as well as general nutritional information. They will prepare…

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  • Post Operative Care

    Post Operative Care

    Postoperative care is essential to a patient’s ability to safely heal and avoid infection during the recovery period.  Critical concerns…

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  • Respite Care

    Respite Care

    As a caregiver it’s critical to take time for yourself. Respite care can help you as a caregiver by providing…

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  • Shopping


    Getting fresh fruits and vegetables can be a challenge for those who don't drive anymore or have restricted mobility. Having…

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  • Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease

    Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease

    Stroke and Parkinson's disease presents a range of motor and non-motor impairments, ranging from lack of speech, paralysis, loss of…

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  • Transportation


    Safe and reliable transportation services are superior to the bus, senior transportation services or taxi because of the level of…

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