Ambulation Assistance

We help patients in essential daily living activities move safely in their environment and home. Skilled caregivers can help with:

• Reminding a patient to use assistive devices such as a cane or walker
• Assisting a patient with daily exercise to prevent further deterioration of the joints, muscles and skeletal system
• Supporting a patient while moving from the bed to a walking position, from sitting to standing, into the shower, into a vehicle or from the toilet and back
• Providing support while walking outside of the home
• Tying shoes and making sure a patient is properly dressed so the risk of falls is reduced
• Watching for signs and symptoms of further deterioration
• Assisting a patient with reporting any deterioration to the primary care physician (PCP)
• Recognizing and addressing concerns in the home (slippery floors, obstructed passageways, and improper footwear) with patient and family


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