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Alert: Deadly Bacteria and Chikungunya are in South Florida

Flesh eating bacteria and infected mosquitos are in the news right now and some South Florida residents should be aware of the potential health hazards related to them. Elderly and easily susceptible people are especially vulnerable to these microscopic invaders. It is important to be sure that home health care workers, family members and others…
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In-home healthcare services can assist with stroke rehabilitation

What is a stroke? How does it happen? Can it be prevented? Is there rehabilitation after one has a stroke? Strokes can be mild or severe and most people know someone who has experienced them to varying degrees. One may lose their ability to speak indefinitely if a stroke damages that part of their brain.…
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Creating a barrier-free home also assists in-home healthcare workers

In this article we are going to discuss modifying a home to make it easer to move about for those who use wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility enhancing devices. Modifications are generally disability-specific i.e. One's specific lack of functionality dictates the needed modification. Accessibility is a fault of the environment, not the person. We live…
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