Why its important that an in-home health care worker really know their patient

In this 3rd video of our series, RN Faith Kozlowski tells us why it's important that the in-home health care worker really know their patient. This is a relationship that is vital to the health and well being of the individual as well as to their family. Faith tells us how she checks the skin of people in her care to make sure they are not dehydrated and are getting enough fluids. She takes the time to get to know what types of foods they like so she can have them available. She encourages them to be active in ways that are fun and stimulating. It takes someone who cares to go that extra distance. Don't hire random people who are just doing the job for a paycheck. Be sure to do your research and employ skilled, experienced, caring people to help you or your loved ones. You don't have to look far, Angelcare Nurse Registry is a family run business with personal attention given to each case.

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