Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease infographic



In their article titled "Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: What Do We Know"? the National Institute on Aging has the following to say. "There is no definitive evidence yet about what can prevent Alzheimer’s or age-related cognitive decline. What we do know is that a healthy lifestyle—one that includes a healthy diet, physical activity, appropriate weight, and no smoking—can maintain and improve overall health and well-being. Making healthy choices can also lower the risk of certain chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, and scientists are very interested in the possibility that a healthy lifestyle might have a beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s as well. In the meantime, as research continues to pinpoint what works to prevent Alzheimer’s, people of all ages can benefit from taking positive steps to get and stay healthy."

We detail some of these suggestions in our infographic featured above. Sometimes it's easier to get the point across in pictures. Alzheimer's disease has a good deal of funding and research behind it. Since the disease is thought to triple the number of people affected by it by 2050 there is a sense of urgency surrounding the research. Until there is a cure or drug therapy that reduces the symptoms, practicing healthy lifestyle choices is the best approach.


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